Video Editor Needed!

Video Editor Needed!


I need help editing my raw interview footage with New York Times bestselling authors, TED speakers, Inc. 500 entrepreneurs, and other super awesome people. A few featured guests:

  • Kevin Kruse: New York Times bestselling author, Forbes columnist
  • Brian D. Evans: Inc. 500 entrepreneur, founder of Influencive, Inc. columnist
  • Coss Marte: former drug kingpin turned entrepreneur, founder of ConBody, TED speaker
  • Colin Andrews: founder of IdeaBuyer, named the 197th fastest growing US company by Inc.

The content of these videos is awesome, so the editing of these videos must be on point! This work will be an impressive addition to anyone’s portfolio, while also working together with multiple influencers. Good work with this role will very likely lead to on-going work…

Always happy to refer your work to others in my network, including those featured in the interviews.


  • Edit raw footage from my 45-60 minute interviews (either in-person interviews with 3 camera angles or simple YouTube / video hangout interviews)
  • Some light audio editing required as well
  • The ability to tell a story with your editing. Effectively utilize the multiple camera angles to highlight the most important parts of the interview
  • Integration of external media (b-roll, clips of influencer in other settings, etc.) in order to make the interviews engaging and compelling

Interested? Apply below…

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