The Unsexy Side of Entrepreneurship

The Unsexy Side of Entrepreneurship

I shot this video after a pretty shitty day in Medellin. Basically, I had a client project in which the client said if I nailed this project, I’d have more work. Unfortunately, my developer dropped the ball and I ended up having to babysit him the entire day, which was the deadline for the project.

I ended up not getting any of my other work done, and of course, was worried I would lose the client.

I wanted to shoot this vlog because I feel that too many people only highlight their big wins and don’t share their struggles. I wanted to make sure I highlight both to give you the most accurate depiction of my journey as possible, just in case you’re considering picking up a side project, quitting your job, etc.

In this video I talk about how I was attempting to stay positive despite the stressful situation. I mean, let’s face it, the fact that I had a client in the first place was something to be grateful for.

Whether you’re going through a rough time, personally or professionally, I hope that by sharing my struggle and attempts to stay positive, you get something out of this video.

Key Takeaway:

In every situation, there is always something to be thankful for and a reason to remain positive.

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UPDATE: The project ended up going well and the client was happy. I ended up firing the dev and hiring a new one within 24 hours who saved the day. After only one design revision, the client was stoked, and so was I.

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