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Different Hunger is for ambitious twenty somethings asking themselves “What the #$%& do I do with my life?”

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and unsure of how to convert your ambitions into action, I know exactly how you feel…

My goal is to provide you with the resources and the content you need to start figuring things out…

How will I be doing that?

1. By deconstructing the habits, advice, mindsets and strategies of highly successful, top-performers

2. By providing practical, actionable insights and research-tested strategies to implement and apply to your own life

One of the most powerful ways to accelerate your personal growth is by studying those who’ve already achieved the success that you’re after, and implementing their strategies. That’s what you’re getting here.


I have been fortunate enough to personally speak with individuals who have:

  • won super bowls
  • sold 7+ figure businesses
  • won Olympic gold medals
  • been interviewed by Oprah
  • sold millions of books and more…

Want to find out what 75+ millionaires, Olympians, CEOs & more would tell their twenty something self?

Want to find out what 75+ millionaires, Olympians, CEOs & more would tell their twenty something self?


One of the biggest differences between the dreamers and top performers is that top performers take action…

Learning, studying and educating yourself is great, but at a certain point you need to stop reading and start doing.

This is why I seek to provide you with only highly actionable content…

To make this even easier for you, most of my posts include bonus material (step-by-step guides, worksheets, video tutorials and more) which are available for download.

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I usually post 1-3 videos/vlogs per week as well as 1 new blog post weekly on Mondays.


This page was written June 2016

Three months ago, I quit my consulting job in New York City.

Why? I wanted to chase the typical millennial dream of working for myself. Pretty basic, I know.

I was thankful for my job, but at the end of the day I wasn’t fulfilled.

Living for the weekends and dreading Mondays didn’t sit right with me. Not during the most important time of my life, my twenties…

The previous year, my grandpa unfortunately passed away, my role model Scott Dinsmore passed away at 33 years old, and I witnessed my brother lose several friends (under the age of twenty) to tragic accidents. These events served as another reminder that we are all on a timeline.

I knew I had to make a change…

Without much of a plan I packed up my apartment and moved to Medellín, Colombia.

I needed to start figuring things out fast. I was fed up with the fluffy, BS self help advice of: Follow your passion… Follow your purpose…

So, I started reaching out to my role models. People who had already achieved the success I was after.

I asked each of these individuals to provide me with their very best piece of advice to their younger, twenty something self.


I wasn’t expecting much, but within a few weeks, my inbox started filling up…

Before I knew it I had spoken with more than 75 bestselling authors, millionaires, super bowl champions, CEOs worth millions, Olympic gold medalists and many more truly inspiring individuals.

And the best part? The advice I had received really did change my life.

Now it is my mission to provide as many twenty somethings as possible with the life changing insights I received.

So, I’m really glad you’re here.
Discover the 40 secrets to success, learned from analyzing the insights of 75+ top performers.


I am a 24 year old adventurer, CrossFitter and web designer.


I love to travel and am an unashamed selfie-sticker. I’ve been to 10+ countries, lived in five different cities and three different countries.

I love learning about personal development, psychology, stoicism, mindset and related topics. I have written about those topics for multiple publications read by millions including The Good Men Project, mindbodygreen, Prsuit and many more. Also a big fan of snowboarding, scuba diving, live concerts and short walks on the beach.

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