Quarantine Doesn't Have to Suck! Introducing Different Hunger LIVE

Quarantine Doesn't Have to Suck! Introducing Different Hunger LIVE

Given this COVID19 madness and quarantines for extended periods of time, it’s essential that we still manage to fulfill our human need for connection and evolution.

Being lonely and bored day after day inside quarantine is lame AF, as we all learned quickly. Community and connection is essential to thrive during this wacky time.

That’s why we decided to launch Different Hunger Live, to provide meaningful livestream experiences for our global community.

What is Different Hunger Live?

  1. Music & meditations to elevate your frequency.
  2. Masterclasses to evolve.
  3. Interviews to inspire.
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Different Hunger Live Kicks Off for a Live Interview with Tyler Gillespie on 04/29/2020 @ 11:30 AM CST (Free with RSVP)

Interview Tyler 1

Who is Tyler Gillespie?

– Investor, Consultant and Productized Service Business Expert

– A gringo with BADASS Salsa and Kizomba dancing skills #respect

– Expat and chess master in the making living in beautiful Medellin

Tune in to get the the inside scoop on:

– How Tyler built and sold his agency (contenstudio.io) for high 6-figures

– Tyler’s financial scorecard system to predictably and profitably scale a services business

– Why automation is essential to building a scalable/investable asset

Here’s a few of my favorite free resources and blog posts from Tyler:

  1. The Power of Thinking Time for Your Productized Service Business
  2. Growth Strategy: Keep More Customers
  3. Productized Service Database (For growth and inspiration!)

Click here to RSVP! After you RSVP you will receive some free resources from Tyler!

FREE Lead Generation Automation Masterclass with Franco Urbaez 04/30/2020 – 4:00 PM CST (RSVP Here – Must Become FB Group Member Before RSVP)

Interview FrancoUrbaez 1

Who is Franco Urbaez?

– A ‘2 Comma Club’ award winning entrepreneur who has helped 100+ students start and scale their agencies

– Launched his company Dream Big Media after he left the “prison” of a 9-5 job he hated

– Dude on a mission to help the big dreamers of the world defy the odds, achieve the impossible and change the world.

Tune in for a FREE masterclass to get the the inside scoop from Franco on:

– The content marketing formula to attract $2K+ monthly retainer clients with nothing but your FB profile

– How to systemize and automate your organic lead generation on FB

(RSVP Here!)

Franco was kind enough to gift us with a previous masterclass he hosted including a free course on organic content marketing. Click here to get access.

Virtual Mastermind Hosted by Different Hunger Premium Members (May 2nd)

A little over a month ago we launched the new version of our Premium Membership for Freelancers and Agencies. After being amazed by some of the skills of members inside the community, I invited some of them to present to the community.

On May 1st and May 2nd, we will be hosting THE QUARANTINE MASTERMIND, our first ever virtual mastermind experience featuring a series of masterclasses from current members. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

The Quarantine Mastermind

The theme of this mastermind is #SECURETHEBAG. AKA your marketing and sales essential skills to thrive.

  • 6-Figure Agency Owner Natalie Micale will share how to develop and sell your social media management retainer offer. She is a former newscaster turned self made entrepreneur and has managed to grow her branding and social media agency to multiple 6 figures.
  • Tech Genius Martin Gregersen will share how to automate your lead generation and qualification using software so you can bring in more business. Martin has completed 100+ technical projects for clients some ranging from a few months to a few years.
  • Jamey Grant will share how to convert more deals using ActiveCampaign for automated email marketing, retargeting and follow up. Jamey has over 10 years experience in PPC and automation, including certifications from Hopkins, Amazon and Google.
  • Performance Coach to Professional Athletes Robert Price will share how to structure your sales process so clients happily pay your fees upfront and make deposits for future services. Robert Price is the founder of Elite Minds LLC and a certified psychotherapist with degrees from Penn and Johns Hopkins. His clients include the US Army, New York Giants, NFL athletes, PGA Tour Golfers and more.

To make sure everybody who attends has time to get support, spots will be limited. All tickets come with satisfaction guaranteed money back policies. Click here to view the calendar and get your tickets.


Live Hypnosis with Award Winning Hypnotherapist Ian Anderson on May 1, 2020 @ 4:44 PM CST (Free with RSVP)

Frequency IanAnderson 1

Note from Matt on Ian:

“Hypno, WTF right, that was woo-woo as hell for the longest time for me. After a close friend and mentor of mine recommended I try it and introduced me to Ian, I said fuck it and was truly amazed by its impact on my life.

I am stoked to introduce the DH community to Ian Anderson, a friend and true artist at reprogramming the human mind for greatness. I have spent many hours of time with Ian and his impact on my life has been profound. I am excited to share his gifts with you all.”

RSVP to the livestream here and get a free self-hypnosis MP3 from Ian.

Momentum & Community Spotlight

Taking a minute to appreciate members of the community. When one of us wins, we all win.

Money Don’t Sleep, Not Even For COVID19

As with any crisis, some people are hopeless, some people are hopeful. You choose who you want to be. Millionaires and billionaires will emerge from this crisis, while others find reasons to complain.

Fortunately, you won’t find any of these complainers in the DH community and our inner circle of premium members. The past few weeks inside the Premium Membership for Freelancers and Agencies have been pretty awesome.

Members reported over $17,500 in new business in the last 7 days alone…

  • Robert Price brought in $1,000 in advance with a deposit AND $2,500 with a paid-in-full sale
  • Both Dylan Pels and Jamey Grant brought in $500 retainer clients
  • Ryan Buckland brought in a $10,000 project
  • Natalie Micale brought in a $3,000 consulting deal
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Talk about momentum. It’s been a beautiful thing to see.

When you surround yourself with people that push you to be better, instead of people that talk about what they heard on CNN, magic happens.

If you want to surround yourself with people like this, check out our Premium Membership for Freelancers and Agencies to join in on the momentum.

For a full DH LIVE events calendar, click here.

Here’s to helping more people thrive, not just survive.