The Primary Reason I Moved to Medellín

The Primary Reason I Moved to Medellín

Well, I made it! I’ve finally settled into my apartment in Medéllin, Colombia after a few hectic days.

I was rejected at the airport in DC for not having a roundtrip ticket or ticket out of Colombia. Turns out this “onward travel” rule is one of those rules that rarely gets enforced but I guess I just got lucky. I’ve always been told I’m a bit sketchy looking. Oh, well.

I’ve arrived safely and things are great so far. As you can see, I have some pretty epic views of the city skyline from my apartment. Not hating that.

I went out last night with a bunch of gringos. Classic. But, it was a really great experience because it reinforced my primary reason for coming to Medéllin: to surround myself with people doing what I wanted to do.

As I mentioned in my last vlog, it’s been my dream since college to be self-employed and work from anywhere in the world. While I am not yet 100% sure how I will be achieving that goal, I knew one thing: that surrounding myself with people already living my dream would be the quickest way to get me to my goal.

Think about it. Let’s say your goal is to add 10 lbs of muscle. Do you hang out with your friends who routinely get Seamless plus drunk food on the reg (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or do you start hanging out more with your meathead friends who are personal trainers?

Bad example? Okay, let’s try another. Let’s say you recently launched a new business and will soon be going through investment rounds to secure funding. If you’re smart, the first thing you’ll do is contact your friends or connections who have been there before and get their advice.

You are who you surround yourself with. Plain and simple.

Not only does surrounding yourself with these types of people benefit you, but it changes your perception of your lofty goals. Your goals are no longer abstract ideas floating around in your brain, they are living and breathing realities that you interact with on a daily basis.

That in itself is incredibly powerful. After only one night, I can confirm this as a fact.

So, in a nutshell, that’s why I moved to Medéllin. To immerse myself in a culture of like-minds that will benefit me immensely, personally and professionally.

Whatever it is you’re working towards, ask yourself Am I surrounding myself with individuals that move me closer to my goals?

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