It's my birthday, YO!

It's my birthday, YO!

As a college senior my life was changed after reading the content shared by some of my role models like Sean Ogle, Steve Kamb and the late Scott Dinsmore.

These guys changed how I thought about my career path, they changed how I thought about myself and they inspired me to do something different and live a life on my own terms.

I was amazed at the impact that these dudes had on my life, even though I had never met them.

That’s why I started Different Hunger. I wanted to have that same impact on the lives of others, because I had experienced firsthand just how powerful the advice and journeys of others could be on my own life.

Now, while the website has changed quite a lot since launch day on May 1st, 2014, the mission remains the same: to change the lives of others. That is my job and my ultimate goal.

I’m not worried about making money or getting “noticed” or creating a community of raving fans. I know that as long as I do my job, those things will come.

So, for my birthday, I have one single request…

Can you tell me how Different Hunger has changed your life?

Maybe you discovered a piece of advice that changed how you thought about your work or life? Maybe you implemented a new strategy or habit I shared? Maybe you were inspired by a video or blog or maybe you met a bunch of amazing people in the Different Hunger Facebook group?

If my material or this community has helped you in ANY way, please share your story below in the comments.

These stories are the reason that I, without a doubt, have the greatest job in the world.


Thanks, and as always, much love.

Matt Kohn