July 2016: How I Made This Month More Profitable Than My Salaried Job

July 2016: How I Made This Month More Profitable Than My Salaried Job

First of all, let me warn you: this post is a beast. It’s nearly 5,500 words, but, it’s jam-packed full of actionable insights and strategies to help you improve your productivity, time management, morning routine, live an epic life and much more.

I ended up generating more money last month than I made at my previous salaried job, so that was a massive win (!), and in this post I provide various resources about how I made that happen…six

You and I both know it’ll be pretty difficult to read this bad boy from start to finish, so I recommend you download the key takeaways from this post so you can refer back to them later.

This download includes the following :

  • The World’s Best Morning Routine
  • How to Outsource Tasks to a Virtual Assistant & Save Hours Per Day
  • How to Get Freelance Clients Through Facebook Groups
  • How to Learn New Skills Fast, No Matter Who You Are
  • Why & How to Live Life Like an Epic Adventure

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If you’re new to the blog, I publish these monthly reviews each month for the following reasons:

  • to focus myself
  • to evaluate my progress
  • to learn from failures
  • to repeat successes
  • to improve and grow

I highly recommend you do the same, as these personal reviews are done by top performers from all different industries. Further, studies have shown that consistently documenting your progress leads to improved levels of satisfaction, well-being and happiness.

I want you to be happy and successful so I’ve put together a guide for you to conduct personal reviews in 15 minutes or less.


Here’s what I cover in this month’s review:

Goals for this month

Goal #1: Hustle my face off to generate additional cashflow for move to NYC

This was a big one that truly shows that if you trust in the process and consistently put in the work, the results will come.

I ended up generating more income in June than I was making at my last salaried role…

As you can imagine, this was a MASSIVE win, especially given the fact that I have now moved back into Brooklyn, where the cost of living is triple that of Colombia.

I created this graph showing how my income / emotional state has gradually improved since quitting my job…


As you can tell from this highly scientific graph, it definitely has been a hectic journey. But I’m very proud of my progress so far and thankful to those who have helped me out along the way.

You might be wondering how I’m making money. Well you see, if I told you, I would have to kill you…

Just kidding. Right now, the majority of my income is coming from freelance web and UI design projects. Just about all of my new clients have come from referrals through Facebook groups. So yeah, I’m on Facebook a lot.

If you’re a freelancer and looking to get more clients, read on.

Here is the step by step process I’ve used to keep a steady stream of freelance clients in the pipeline from Facebook groups:


To download these steps to get freelance clients through Facebook, plus other useful tips, click to download the (major) key takeaways from this post.

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Step 0. Be likable

This should go without saying, but as a freelancer, it’s incredibly important. If people don’t like the persona you portray online, they’re not going to send you work. You have to make sure people like you and view you as more than just a random Facebook friend. Be engaged, comment on others’ statuses, ask others about how their projects are going, offer encouraging feedback as well as useful critiques. Basically, just be a good human.

Step 1. Join a relevant Facebook group, where the majority of members could benefit from your services

For me, I’m a part of several entrepreneurial groups, as well as blog community groups that are related to entrepreneurship, freelancing and/or marketing. If you follow blogs that have a decent sized following, they probably have a Facebook group. If you can’t find it, email the author of the blog. Figure out which groups make sense for your niche and which groups will have the right members for what you’re offering.

Your attention, please. Shameless plug ahead…

Join the Different Hunger Facebook group to connect with awesome people just like you!

Step 2. Make sure everyone in the group knows who you are and what you do.

How? Post in the group telling people, duh. But NO blatant self promotion. Don’t be that guy.

Do NOT say, “Hey I’m Matt I design awesome websites, here’s my portfolio, let me know if you need a website!” If that is your first post, then that is not going to give off a great first impression. Most groups request an intro, so do it the right way, saying something like:

Hey I’m Matt. I’m a designer (I primarily focus on UI and web design for entrepreneurs and small businesses) and blogger at Different Hunger. Here is my web design portfolio: mattkohn.me and here is my blog: differenthunger.com. I look forward to connecting with everyone and getting to know you!

If you’re feeling extra special that day, throw in a smiley or something. Maybe a DJ Khaled GIF to really make an impact. But again, do NOT self promo, especially when you’re new to the group.

Step 3. Add value to the group and expect nothing in return

Obviously, this is one that goes not only for Facebook groups, but real life, too.

How do you do this, you ask? Share resources, tips and strategies that you have found useful.

No offense, but you’re not that special. If you enjoyed something, chances are there are many other people like you who would find that resource useful, too. Spread the love! Actionable tips and strategies from the field are also highly valuable and will get group members appreciating you.

For example, after a recent website consultation call of mine went really well, I broke down my process for how to conduct these consultation calls at a high-level and shared that with the group.

Another example: I had designed an eBook cover in the past for a client. In one group, I had seen several others request designs for their book cover, so I turned my previous design into a book cover template and shared it with the group.

If you haven’t created anything and have nothing to share, then just share useful blog posts or insights that you have stumbled across that others will find useful.

Goal #2: Go to bed / wake up one hour earlier

I have done a much better job of this, and usually am in bed before midnight. This has allowed me to get up earlier and become more productive, which of course was the goal.

I’m currently experimenting with a new morning routine, based on author Hal Elrod’s suggestions in his bestselling book, The Miracle Morning. He suggests that your morning routine incorporate each of the following “SAVERS” which are six of the most effective personal development principles utilized by highly successful individuals:

  • Silence

Meditation, prayer, whatever floats your boat. The goal is to block out the noise and get clear for a few moments in the morning.

  • Affirmations

These are encouraging words that will help you achieve your goals. Like me, Elrod is not a fan of woo-woo affirmations of “I’m a millionaire! I’m a millionaire!” Instead he suggests answering the following four questions to take full advantage of affirmations.

  1. What’s your ideal outcome?
  2. Why is that important?
  3. What is the specific action you need to take to guarantee that outcome?
  4. When will you take that action?
  • Visualization

First imagine yourself doing the things needed to achieve your goals, then visualize how you feel once you’ve achieved these things. This practice of visualization is practiced by top performers like LeBron James and Will Smith. If it works for them, I’m willing to bet it will work for you, too…

  • Exercise

This doesn’t need to be anything extensive. Elrod simply suggests 5 minutes of simple, bodyweight exercises to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

  • Reading

Just reading 10 pages a day is roughly 15-20 books per year.

  • Scribing

Writing or journaling is an excellent way to process your thoughts and reflect, while increasing awareness and motivation.

To download these principles of the world’s best morning morning routine plus get other time management, freelancing and productivity tips, click to download this month’s (major) key takeaways.

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I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how this develops and possibly even do a blog post about this.

Goal #3: Improve organization, planning and scheduling of content

Although Different Hunger is not yet a “business”, I’m treating it like one, especially as we grow and I begin monetizing the site. I have been working with my virtual assistant (VA), Jess, to offload tasks to, and he has been an absolute rockstar so far. If you are currently using a VA or are thinking about using one, here are some strategies I am using to help him do better work, and in turn, free up more of my time…

I am currently working on systematizing all of the processes related to my blog. Things like email outreach, content scheduling, blog formatting, YouTube optimization, email campaign setup, research and more.

Here’s how I go about outsourcing tasks to my VA and saving me hours per day:

1. Identify what tasks could be done by someone else with the same outcome

These will be tasks like those mentioned above, basically any tasks that are not super high-value. For example, I would never have my VA write a blog post for me, because my writing is core to Different Hunger and what I consider to be one of my most valuable tasks from a brand perspective. Lower value taks that you can outsource would be stuff like social media content creation and scheduling.

2. Document the steps, from start to finish, required to accomplish these tasks

Write down every step required to complete the task. Include screenshots and videos where needed. Many refer to this as a ‘standard operating procedure’ or SOP.

3. Provide SOP to VA and have them perform a trial task

To make sure your SOP and instructions are clear, give your VA a trial task to make sure he or she can complete the task without any trouble.

4. Get feedback from VA and refine SOP

If they have any questions, that most likely means your SOP wasn’t clear. Refine the SOP until instructions are totally clear.

5. Do this for each and every process so that onboarding is incredibly simple

If someone else were to come onboard, you can simply provide them with the SOP’s needed for their role and they can get to work.

If you want to refer back to these steps for effective outsourcing, click here to download them.

I am still working on creating all the SOP’s for my website, but it has already helped me massively. In short, if you’re trying to outsource your tasks first identify which ones are not high value, document the process for how to execute them, then handover that documentation to your assistant and you’ll be amazed by how much time you have in the day.

Goal #4: Create 25 new YouTube videos

I fell short of this one and only created six new videos. However, I feel that the videos I put out this month were very high quality. For example, my video breaking down Quest Nutrition co-founder Tom Bilyeu’s advice was nearly ten minutes long and packed with valuable advice. InsideQuest, the interview show hosted by Tom, actually shared out my video on their social media post, so it must have been pretty decent, eh?

I provide short recaps for the other videos from last month in the next section of this month’s review.

Goal #5: Become a contributor at a large publication

To be honest I haven’t spent much time with this, but I will over the next one to two months. My goal is to become a contributor at larger publications like Entrepreneur, Fast Company and 99U. Watch this space…

Work I Got Done / Highlights

1. Major blog milestones: 500 FB likes + 100 YouTube subscribers

I started Different Hunger a few months before I graduated from Emory University. When I started this website, I had dreams of it becoming something similar to what my role models had built with their websites and communities — people like Sean Ogle, Steve Kamb and Scott Dinsmore.

But after eight months of consistent blogging, there were little results to show for it. This was due to a number of reasons, but mainly because my mission wasn’t refined and my content was scattered across multiple different topics.

It wasn’t until I quit my job that I really sat down and sought to refine my mission with this site. Since then, I have narrowed my focus to specifically reaching ambitious twenty somethings, and the growth numbers have been incredibly motivating.

Last month we surpassed two major milestones:

500 likes on Facebook

On May 1st, 2014 (weeks before I graduated from Emory University) I launched Different Hunger. It was probably one of the ugliest sites on the internet at that point… But at the end of the day I loved what I was writing about and had dreams of turning this site into something much bigger.  I was massively inspired by people like @seanogle, @stevekamb and Scott Dinsmore (cc: @chelseadinsmore) who had built incredible communities and businesses by serving others through their blogs. They made a living by helping others — what could possibly be better than that? Ever since coming across these guys online, I knew I wanted to live the same lifestyle, and impact others in the way they had. Today, after a lot of mistakes, failures and lessons learned, this community is beginning to slowly but surely look like what I dreamed about 2 years ago when I first started this site. It’s been an amazing experience so far, thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and sat thru the painful number of Ummm’s (work in progress) in my videos and beyond. MUCH LOVE MY AMIGOS

A photo posted by Different Hunger (@differenthunger) on Jul 24, 2016 at 4:54pm PDT

100 subscribers on YouTube


Click here to subscribe to Different Hunger on YouTube!

Finally, after two years this website is starting to become what I envisioned it to become two years ago. How’s that for overnight success?

It took ~two years to get to 500 likes and about 2 months to get to 100 subscribers on YouTube, so I am by no means a whiz at amassing a huge following on these channels. The only tip I would give regarding this is to be consistent. Keep putting out useful, engaging content, and over time you will slowly but surely get more and more people to support you and the work you’re doing.

Focus on being useful, not important and you will go far. — Brett McKay, The Art of Manliness

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I just want to say thank you so much for your support. I have huge plans for this website. Too many twenty somethings are lost, stuck and not sure what to do next with their lives. I hope that my website and my content starts to inspire a serious change in others to help them take control of their lives during this pivotal time period. Right now this is just a blog, but I want to create a movement.

2. Six new videos

Tom Bilyeu’s Advice to His Twenty Something Self

This was the longest video I have ever created, but it is packed with valuable insights. This video was based on Tom Bilyeu’s advice to his twenty something self as well as his journey to growing Quest Nutrition to the 2nd fastest growing company in North America.

As mentioned above, the awesome crew over at InsideQuest shared this video with their Twitter followers so that was super cool.

“Set the bar ridiculously high.” @TomBilyeu and #InsideQuest featured on @DifferentHunger! Thanks, Matt Kohn! https://t.co/u7ImC9MLjw
— InsideQuest (@InsideQuest) July 28, 2016

In this video I cover the following:

Who is Tom Bilyeu? 0:32 // Quest Nutrition’s Core Mission 0:52 // The Success Mindset 1:45 // Cultivating a Community 2:40 // Ridiculous Ambitions 3:57 // The Power of Telling Everybody Your Goals 4:33 // How to Stand Out & Be a Man of Your Word 5:31 // How I Used Public Accountability to Quit My Job 6:15 // Why I Publish All of My Goals 7:23 // Key Takeaways 7:49 // Don’t Be That Guy 8:38

Tom Bilyeu is someone who I look up to highly, and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to feature him on this project. I highly recommend that you guys dive into his epic talk show, InsideQuest, as it is full of incredible insights from some of the world’s most successful individuals.

Trusting the Process with Erin Willett

In this video my friend Erin Willett talks about how important it was for her to trust the process during her weigh tloss journey while she was on The Biggest Loser. Even after 3 months and losing 30 pounds, she looked in the mirror and asked herself why she wasn’t seeing results. She ended up losing 87 pounds, but as she discusses, it was a struggle, physically and emotionally.

This is definitely around the time that most people would have given up. In the words of Erin:

“So many people give up because they don’t see the results they wanna see, when they wanna see them.”

This is why it’s so important to focus on the process and not the outcome. We need to focus on what we can control, and that’s consistently working towards our goal, and trusting that the work will pay off.

Erin Willett’s Advice to Her Twenty Something Self

I hope you’re not tired of Erin yet, because I have a ton more content coming from my chat with her. In this video, Erin provides advice to her younger self:

“There are going to be part of this life that suck, and parts that you’re going to fail at. But, you have to have to be grateful for them because you’re going to learn something from them.
When I was that age, I would let things that I didn’t get right the first time around break me or discourage me, so much so that it would prevent me from ever trying that thing again. But I would tell myself to just keep pushing through those struggles and know that there are still lessons to be learned and positives that come from those moments. Be grateful for everything, even the sucky parts.”

The Unsexy Side of Entrepeneurship

Let’s make one thing clear: being an entrepreneur isn’t nearly as sexy as people think.

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Especially in the early days. It’s not about working for yourself so you can work less and get to happy hour sooner. It’s about working for yourself (while probably working twice as much as you would working for someone else) to live a life on your own terms and pursuing work that gives your life meaning. At least that’s how I view it.

I shot this video after one of my developers dropped the ball on a project. It was a pretty frustrating and stressful experience, especially because the client told me I would have more work if I nailed this project. I was worried I would lose the project which was very stressful given the fact that I only had a few projects at this point. I shot this video for two reasons:

  1. To give others an accurate depiction of what entrepreneurship is really like. Too many people only highlight the big wins of their journey while neglecting the failures, which are surely more frequent than the big wins…
  2. To emphasize the fact that no matter the situation, there is always something to be grateful for and a reason to remain positive. In this situation, I was grateful for the fact that I had a client in the first place, and wasn’t flat broke.

Providencia Island: The Definition of Paradise

This place was the definition of paradise. But not like Cancun or Jamaica where you have drunken tourists running around everywhere. This was place was untouched and seemingly hidden from the rest of the world. Really. I met two white people the whole week I was there. Everybody I met on the island was incredibly friendly, warm and welcoming, and my roommate and became great friends with our AirBnb host, Ferma.

We went scuba diving, freediving and snorkeling and were served fresh juice and fish for every meal. It was incredible.

Working from a laptop while drinking coconut water was an experience I’ll never forget, and it was truly rewarding to finally live this dream that I had daydreamed about for two years.

How to Increase Performance with Stress

Stress is one of those things that we mistakenly believe we need to eliminate from our lives. In reality, this is nearly impossible. Stress will always be present. It’s not a matter of eliminating stress, it’s a matter of improving our relationship with stress, and fixing our perception so that we can use stress to our advantage.

In this video I talk about how I’m doing just that as I move from Colombia ($1k monthly cost of living to Brooklyn $3k+ monthly cost of living). Instead of worrying about the future and stressing about whether or not I can make enough money to survive, I’m allowing stress to motivate me to do what I can, right now, to set me up for sucess down the road.

Research has confirmed that when we view stress as a challenge instead of a threat, our performance increases. This is the approach that you need to take when dealing with stress.

3. Five new blogs

Last month I shared four new blog posts on Different Hunger, plus one post featured on Positively Positive. Here’s a bite-sized recap of each:

The Twenty Something Guide to Taking Massive Calculated Risks

In this post on Positively Positive, I discuss why and how to take calculated risks during your twenties. Taking calculated risks during your twenties was one of the things that came up multiple times when speaking with 75+ top performers. Being a young twenty something, you most likely do not have to deal with any of the following:

  1. A mortgage
  2. A babymama
  3. A wife/family to provide for

What this means is you have no baggage. This means that you have more freedom right now than you will probably ever have for the rest of your life…

You need to take advantage of this, before you’re fat, old and bald. How?

  • Traveling
  • Pursuing your interests
  • Living abroad
  • Finding work that fulfills you

This quote from Sean Ogle served as a major inspiration for my post, and sums it up perfectly:

Your twenties will set the stage for the rest of your life. If you spend it all wearing a suit and tie and climbing the corporate ladder, there’s a good chance that’s what you’ll be doing until retirement.
Take calculated risks. I quit my job to move to Thailand when I was twenty-four. Worst case scenario? I run out of money, come back and get a new job. At that age (and even at thirty or later), you still have plenty of time to build up a career – and that global travel will only make your resume look better.
Best case? You live the rest of your life on your own terms.
Bottom line, your twenties are the time to take a chance on what you want to do. Your older self will thank you.

A Practical Guide to Learn New Skills Fast, Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start

This was a guest post done by one of my best friends Connor Grooms. Connor has been a TEDx speaker and has been featured on Forbes and The Huffington Post. He’s the founder of BaseLang, which offers unlimited one-on-one Spanish classes for $99/mo (which is what I’ve been using to learn Spanish and highly recommend to anyone just getting started or looking to improve their current skills).

In his guest post, Connor shares with us the exact framework he has used to do some pretty ridiculously impressive things in a very short amount of time, like…

  • Gain 26 pounds of muscle in one month, with negligible fat gain
  • Become a conversational Spanish speaker in one month
  • Help a friend gain 15 pounds in three weeks
  • Help another friend gain 22 pounds in one month
  • Help several hundred Spanish students learn Spanish to a conversational level in 150 hours (roughly one month)

Connor’s post is jam-packed with practical, valuable advice. The steps that Connor outlines are simple, which is why they are so effective. Too often we get distracted by the unimportant things which prevent us from taking action and actually internalizing what we are attempting to learn.

Here are Connor’s steps for rapid learning:

Step 1: Take an honest account of where you are

Step 2: Figure out exactly where you want to get to

Step 3: Figure out how long you have to get there

Step 4: Do research on how to get where you want to go

Step 5: Determine a daily input-based process that you follow

Step 6: Actually do the sh!t

Click to download these steps for rapid learning, plus get this post’s other key takeaways about productivity, time management, freelancing and more!

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Connor expands on each of these steps, provides real-world examples, and discusses how to implement them in his post.

Fuck Your Goals

This post describes why our obsession with our goals and the outcome of our results is severely damaging. We need to stop judging our success based on the outcome, and start focusing on the process.

By reverse engineering your goals and determining the daily actions needed to achieve them, you will be able to create unstoppable momentum while focusing on what really matters: the process of improving yourself, daily.

There are two main problems with focusing on the outcome of our efforts:

  1. We lose sight of the growth and progress made along the way
  2. We neglect to create a strategic system or process that will lead to success

I go on to analyze each of these problems, propose solutions and discuss how you can apply this process-focused framework to just about anything you’re working on.

How to Actually Do What You Say You’re Going to Do

There are two types of people in life when it comes to making things happen: those who talk about doing things, and those who actually do them…

Lacking public accountability, or saying you’re going to do something then not doing it, negatively affects your relationships, your reputation, your credibility and most importantly, your integrity.

My goal with this post was to help others learn how to use public accountability to become a successful person of integrity. I cover the following:

  • The Research Behind Public Accountability
  • Why Accountability is a Powerful Source of Motivation
  • 4 Ways to Use Public Accountability to Your Advantage & Do What You Say

June 2016 Monthly Review: Avoiding the Safe Path

June was a pretty huge month. Despite me failing to achieve 3 of my 4 goals for the month (boooooo), some pretty awesome things happened, most notably:

Projects I’ve moved forward

Different Hunger online presence

This is of course an ongoing project, but I wanted to highlight two wins from last month.

First, I am going to be featured on Bryan Teare’s podcast, The Quarter Life Comeback. As you can tell from the name, Bryan’s podasts seeks to provide useful insights and awesome interviews to help twenty somethings on their personal journey.  The show has enjoyed early success, reaching number 1 in New & Noteworthy under the iTunes Self-Help category. I’m super excited for this and thankful Bryan reached out! Go check out his site and podcast in the meantime.

Secondly, I am going to be a speaker at a virtual summit featuring some highly successful entrepreneurs, marketers and others in the digital online world. The summit is hosted by Mimi Zheng and Rachel Ritlop who are both business & career coaches for twenty somethings. They’ve been featured by major publications like Thought Catalog, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company and many more! I am very humbled for this opportunity. I will share the link to this summit so you can attend once it’s live.

Personal learning I’m working on

Judging my success based on effort, and trusting the process

I won’t go into this too much as I covered this topic pretty extensively with my blog post, F#ck Your Goals. I am making a conscious effort to be mindful and appreciative of every moment I encounter along my journey. I have a tendency to be very hard on myself when I don’t perform as well as I had hoped or don’t have as productive of a day as I should have. You’re ambitious, too, so chances are you’ve been guilty of this before as well.

But there’s not sense in beating yourself up when you don’t perform as well as expected. Simply use the experience as an opportunity for growth, and again, celebrate the fact that you are actively seeking to improve yourself in some way, shape or form. That in itself is the success.

This is something I am working to improve upon, daily.

Big life events I want to remember

As mentioned above, last month I made more money than I did at my last job. This was a major win for me, and I’m confident it’s just the start. I have no time to slack though, as I just moved back into my Brooklyn apartment where the cost of living is about 3x more than it was when I was in Colombia.

Gotta keep the momentum going, mon.

Things I’ve learned and want to remember

View life like an epic adventure (not as corny as it sounds, trust)

A few weeks ago I published my post, F*ck Your Goals. The concept of the post was essentially that we need to stop focusing on our goals and obsessing with the outcome. Instead we should solely focus on, and learn to love, the process required to achieve our goals…

A few days later I discovered my post on Reddit. Now, for those of you who don’t know, usually Reddit is full of trolls who literally have nothing better to do than sit behind a desk and relentlessly critique others and outwit one another in the comments section. However, every now and then someone comes through with some great insights. On my post, one Redditor shared a really powerful, thought provoking insight…

Here’s what he (or she – do girls even Reddit?!) said:

“This article is great in that it points out where the focus should be in one’s life. Life is about the journey, not the destination. When you focus on the goal, you miss out on what truly leads one to realizing happiness.
We even see this idea reflected in the things we collectively love the most, but it’s so obvious that we miss it all the time: Stories. We all love a good story. Stories are not about the ending, they’re about everything that happens along the way. Sometimes when you’re reading/watching a really great story, you don’t want it to end because the journey is so rewarding.”

When I read this, it was truly eye opening. It left me with a super powerful takeaway: we need to start living and viewing our lives as a story, an adventure, an epic quest, etc.

Believe it or not, this is not a new idea. Steve Kamb, a friend of mine who has built a massive global community and brand at NerdFitness, has spoken extensively on this topic, and recently authored a book about this titled Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story.

Steve has also given a TedTalk on this topic and in it suggests that we live our lives as if we are in a video game, constantly leveling up our personal lives and taking on new adventures and challenges..

I love this concept, and thankfully this Redditor inspired me to start viewing my life as an adventure, and to start living life like a story, enjoying everything that happens along the way. I love this approach because this mindset forces us to focus on the present. Further, it helps put things in perspective and stop magnifying trivial things that consume our thoughts and stress us out nearly as much as they do. That shitty boss or that failed exam are just obstacles on our epic adventure, nothing more, nothing less. But you will overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious, because that’s what heroes do.

Woah, that got corny fast. But hear me out.

I know if you’re reading this, you’re ambitious and have huge goals for yourself. That’s of course fantastic, but I have found in my own life this can be somewhat of a curse… Because often times, instead of enjoying the present, I am constantly thinking towards the future and towards my desired outcome, while neglecting to appreciate what is going on right in front of me.

If we view our lives as epic adventures and stories, we must be fully aware of every part of the journey, because again, what makes stories so great is everything that happens along the way.

Living a fulfilled and meaningful life is all about striking that perfect balance of having huge goals and ambitions for the future, while still appreciating every moment along the way.

If we view our lives like one big epic story, this will allow us to remain present while working towards our biggest ambitions.

Goals for next month

  • Launch beta version of Different Hunger’s first product (!!!)
  • Reach 1,000 subscribers on Different Hunger
  • Develop and stick to ‘miracle’ morning routine
  • Keep up the momentum with work / Different Hunger but don’t be anti-social robot

Wootwoot, you made it to the end. It wasn’t pretty, but you did it…

Download this post’s key takeaways and learn to improve your morning routine, time management, productivity, ability to get freelance clients and more!

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