DHTV Launch Update & What's Coming

DHTV Launch Update & What's Coming

As you know, since returning from Colombia I’ve been hosting interviews with some of the smartest, most successful and most inspiring individuals in the world. As you also know, these interviews will soon make up one of the world’s dopest (yes I said it) web interview series, Different Hunger TV.

Even though I’ve only released three full length interviews of Different Hunger TV, I’ve done my best through blog posts, live streams, posts in the DH FB group and more to pass on the invaluable lessons and insights I’ve learned from these interviews.

I know, without a doubt, that these interviews will change lives and impact anyone who consumes them. Nobody is more anxious than me to release these interviews and officially launch DHTV, but unfortunately, we’re not ready just yet…

Since I’ve launched Different Hunger I’ve lacked a marketing strategy, and as you may have noticed, my content, while still impactful and useful, at least enough to begin to grow an awesome community, sometimes seems disjointed and shared random. I spent the past weekend mapping out Different Hunger’s marketing strategy and plans for the launch of DHTV. Not just DHTV, but DH as a brand and a community.

Yeah I know, you’re thinking to yourself, WTF is that chicken scratch?

Allow me to translate what this whiteboard means…

Different Hunger will become a global brand built around authenticity, boldness, celebrating the struggle, inspiration, personal development, support and transparency.

Different Hunger will become a thriving, global media platform that changes the lives of millions.

Different Hunger will become a massive community of ambitious, young hustlers from around the world who are committed to actualizing their true potential, living their very best lives and helping others do the same.

Different Hunger will change how young twenty somethings view the most important years of their lives and inspire them to go all in on turning their ambitions and dreams into reality during this critical time period.

Different Hunger will become a global platform that radically improves mental health, happiness and well being, work satisfaction and beyond.

With your help, Different Hunger will change the world.

As you can tell, I got some work to do… 😉

March will be a quiet month for DH as I work to get DHTV ready and prepared for blast off. Stay tuned.

Much love, fam.

Matt Kohn