As you can tell, Different Hunger hasn’t published a blog post in a while…

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hustling, and changing the world behind the scenes. We’re currently preparing to re-launch the Different Hunger brand, and share with you our vision for the future.

Let me tell you, it is freaking bright.

Since we last hit publish, some incredible things have happened:

  • Different Hunger Media, LLC is a registered business
  • Founder & CEO Matt Kohn, the one in the blog below who talked about being broke and in debt only a few months ago, has scaled his freelance design business to become a thriving multi 6-figure agency with 2 full-time employees and 10+ part-time contractors
  • Both of Different Hunger’s first two hires, Shubham (Director of Operations) & Nur (World’s Greatest Designer) bought their parents vacations with their paychecks
  • Different Hunger successfully launched two beta Accelerator programs to empower hungry, ambitious millennials:
  • 6-Figure Agency Accelerator designed to help legacy-driven freelancers and small agency owners scale to 6-figures and beyond
  • Web Design Accelerator designed to help aspiring and current freelancers master design and get their first 10 clients
  • Matt (me) found the woman of his dreams in his paradise, through a videographer he hired for Different Hunger
  • We have built a world class Facebook community of more than 500+ hungry millennials to help learn from each other and work smarter, not harder (Join the Facebook group here)

And most importantly, Different Hunger is no longer just a passion project. It’s not just a personal blog. It’s a business and media company designed to empower millennials.

We exist to help you achieve your dreams…

Especially if you’re a frustrated employee wondering what the hell your next step is. Or if you’ve been hustling and putting in monster 60-70+ hour weeks trying to make your dream work, with little results to show for it.

We want to help you work smarter, not harder, so that you can truly enjoy this amazing life, and see it for the paradise that it truly is.

We are obsessed with leaving a legacy, and helping you do the same. Because that’s what this world needs… businesses and individuals committed to making an impact, and not an income.

Whether you have been with us since the early days when Matt was a punk college senior with no idea what he was doing, or whether you’re just recently stumbling across DH, our goal is to become a brand that you don’t stop hearing about, for all the right reasons.

The next time you see us, we’re going to be a lot bigger and badder. Get ready for Different Hunger 2.0.

In the meantime, get a front row seat to the action in the Different Hunger Facebook group. Click to join here.