My response to "Dear Elders, I'm sorry."

My response to "Dear Elders, I'm sorry."

I created this video as part of a compilation of millennials reacting to this anti-Gen Y rant. This compilation was featured on Prsuit.

I put together this video to discuss what I’m working on and my reaction to the viral millennial video, “Dear Elders, I’m sorry”.

Firstly, what I’m working on: I am currently writing a round up post for my blog that features highly successful individuals answering this question: “What is one piece of advice you would offer to your 20something self?”

So far I have heard from over 60 CEOs worth millions, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors, professional athletes and more successful, inspiring individuals.

My goal, as I’ve joked with my friends, is to 1) to break the internet like Kim K’s ass and 2) more importantly, ensure that every single person who reads this post will be able to walk away with valuable, actionable insights that will help them better themselves and be more successful.

Now my reaction to the video about millennials — it was pretty disappointing because it discredits all of the incredible work that people my age are engaged in.

Some of us are rude, yes, some of us are entitled, yes, some of us are not motivated – but you can say the same for every generation before and after us. Personally, I know that I wouldn’t identify with those characteristics, nor would anyone I regularly associate myself with.

At the end of the day you simply can’t generalize a population of 100 million people. Don’t buy into the BS on social media – if you take a minute to look beyond it you’ll see for that there is a LOT to celebrate thanks to the work by many of my amazing peers.

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