ADH Podcast: David Moore, author of The New Rich

ADH Podcast: David Moore, author of The New Rich
A Different Hunger Podcast: David Moore, The New Rich

About David Moore

The very first ADH Podcast features David Moore: author, serial entrepreneur and business coach. David escaped the corporate, 9-5 rat race several years ago to live life on his own terms and hasn’t looked back since. He helps frustrated employees escape the jobs they hate by starting their own businesses they are passionate about. His purpose is to help turn your passion into a thriving business and avoid the same mistakes he did by giving you the expert advice, resources and tools you need to succeed. David recently released The New Rich: Escape the job you hate by starting a business the world will love. In the book, David features a wide range of inspirational case studies and interviews with lifestyle entrepreneurs. Using their stories and his own personal experience, David expertly provides the reader with all the necessary insights and resources for them to do the same.

Check out the podcast below to hear more about David’s background, the community of “The New Rich” and his brand new book!

:40 David’s story and background | 6:55 Why do people settle for unsatisfying, unfulfilling jobs? What holds them back from seeking to attain jobs they are passionate about? | 11:10 What is your take on viewing youth as a strength? Do you have any advice to 18-24 year olds in regards to using our youth to determine our career, passions and purpose? | 16:05 Who are ‘The New Rich’? | 20:45 What have you learned in the process of creating your own website and authoring your brand new book? What has your entrepreneurial journey been like? | 26:20 What characteristics do the successful entrepreneurs and business owners featured in your book have in common? What features do these individuals share with one another? | 29:15 What played into the perserverance that these individuals shared? How did passion factor into their perserverance? | 36:55 What do you enjoy most about traveling? Why do you think travel is such an important part in living a meaningful life? | 41:00 Why is it essential to get outside of your comfort zone in order to experience progress and personal growth? | 47:05 What are your favorite case studies/success stories from The New Rich?

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About the book

The New Rich Cover

If you want to escape the 9-5 rat race by building an online business empire, then read this book. ‘The New Rich’ is a term coined by Tim Ferris in his book ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’. Figuring out what you are naturally good at and enjoy doing is the first step towards living a life that provides happiness, meaning and fulfilment. The New Rich includes interviews with Mike Michalowicz, John Lee Dumas, Corbett Barr, Dane Maxwell and a host of other lifestyle entrepreneurs. It’s time to take action, do work that matters and make a dent in the universe.

Click on the book cover to buy the book at Amazon, or click here to receive the first three chapters for free!

Contact David Moore

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