ADH Podcast: Danny Flood, Author of Buy Your Own Island

ADH Podcast: Danny Flood, Author of Buy Your Own Island
ADH Podcast featuring Danny Flood

About Danny Flood

Danny Flood is a lifetime entrepreneur, traveler and author. He’s crossed half of Southeast Asia on a motorcycle, rafted down the Amazon, ridden a bicycle across Mexico, swum with whale sharks in the Philippines, hitchhiked across Brazil, Malaysia and Taiwan, and climbed the tallest mountains of South America. He’s rappelled off waterfalls in the jungle, ziplined above volcanoes, and sailed across the South China Sea.

He recently self-published Buy Your Own Island in February which outlines his journey and adventures as a digital nomad and lifestyle designer. He is the founder and chief of Open World Magazine, a magazine devoted to adventure, lifestyle entrepreneurship and lifestyle design. Their mission is to inspire people to design their lifestyle and empowers their audience with the necessary tools to do so by showcasing ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Over the last few years Danny has visited over 30+ countries and has recently lived in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan. Danny is the epitome of a world citizen and lifestyle entrepreneur and brings many years of invaluable experience and insights to the podcast. I am very thankful to Danny for taking the time to provide me and you with what he has learned while living a life full of cultural immersion, lifestyle entrepreneurship and adventure.

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Danny’s background | Primary sources of inspiration | How Danny got into the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle | The true meaning of ‘Buy Your Own Island’ | Favorite resources while on the road | Primary sources of happiness | Advice to your 20-something self

About Buy Your Own Island

To “buy your own island” is a metaphor and a challenge to take action and take one step forward today on the path to getting the things you really want in life. The passions that REALLY excite you, that you’ve perhaps kept hidden or put away on the shelf. Whatever it is you dream about doing, having, or being, this book was created with the simple intent to help you make it reality.

The book’s author was an overworked and frustrated entrepreneur who was trapped in his own business. Finally he decided enough was enough, and took dramatic actions to reverse course. He gathered his closest friends and confidantes and they challenged each other to dig deep, re-discover their hidden passions, and architect what they needed to do to reinvent their lives.

Whatever your biggest lifelong dream is, whether its to purchase your own island, travel the world for a year, or set up a profitable business from home, it can be practical and achievable with the right mindset, tools and plan. This book is based on conversations, interviews, research, and decades of combined experience from people doing the most extraordinary things around the globe. These people are no smarter than you are. They have no particular advantages, no special talents, connections, or resources. They simply made a decision one day to do what they wanted, and followed a plan to make it happen.

Click here to get your copy of Buy Your Own Island.

Thank you to Danny for his time on the ADH Podcast!