22 Ways To Be Incredibly Average at 22

22 Ways To Be Incredibly Average at 22
  1. Rely on others for happiness
  2. Do your best to please everyone
  3. Always follow the advice of your friends, teachers, coaches, parents, etc.
  4. Be kind only when others are kind to you
  5. Worry about things that are out of your control
  6. Make sure you fit in
  7. Don’t ask too many questions
  8. Don’t educate yourself on your own time about things that are important to you
  9. Be appropriate
  10. Be realistic
  11. Take yourself seriously
  12. Avoid failure and rejection at all costs
  13. Believe that you will get around to it “someday”
  14. Travel or explore only when you have enough time, enough money and/or enough vacation days to take off
  15. Don’t say ‘I love you’
  16. Come up with awesome ideas, then talk yourself out of turning them into action
  17. Spend your youth engaging in unsatisfying, unfulfilling work (as long as it pays the bills)
  18. Do things that are comfortable and familiar
  19. Don’t stray too far from the norm or from what others expect of you
  20. Live for your resume not your legacy
  21. Serve others when it is most convenient to you
  22. Set goals and aspirations for yourself that you know, without a doubt, you will achieve

So there you have it! 22 ways to be average at 22 or at any other age. If you’re satisfied with this list, good for you.

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