The 1440 Method: How to Gain 3 to 30 Extra Hours Per Week

The 1440 Method: How to Gain 3 to 30 Extra Hours Per Week

As you know TIME is an invaluable resource that you will NEVER get back…

Each day, every one of us only has 1,440 minutes. One third of that is spent sleeping, leaving you with less than 1,000 minutes to move the needle on your dreams and unique contribution to our planet.

Only 1,000. Damn.

But wait. That’s not event taking into consideration the worst investment of your time: dopamine laced distraction! As of writing this, my current screen time is 107 minutes.

Daily, we’re now down to 893 minutes, into the triple digits! This process is for you if you are ready to make a conscious effort to invest your time as a wise investor leading a magnificent life of abundance.

Abundance of time, money and legacy. With our 893 minutes per day, why not seek to make the absolute most of them?

What’s the alternative anyway, grinding into oblivion for a soulless job or business? Na son. Hell na.

You and I both know you were not born to slave away “working” every moment of your waking life without taking the time to enjoy yourself.

Here at Different Hunger, we know your potential is truly infinite and it is our mission to help you express that gift with the world.

To help you do that, we created the 1440 Method so that you can protect and master one of your most precious assets: time.

The 1440 Method is about maximizing your time to create more money and time. This is true wealth. If you want to learn more about this concept, check out this article on Inc Magazine for a written breakdown.

After you read more and watch the video, below is your implementation checklist and resources you’ll need:

  1. Use this to calculate your Target Daily Value and maximize the ROI of each minute of your day
  2. Use this to automate your time tracking and daily value calculation using Toggl + Zapier
  3. When you’re ready to start outsourcing, use this Step-by-step Guide to Hire your First (or next) Virtual Assistant
  4. As a special bonus, here’s the world famous 25 Hour Workweek template to help you design your workweek based on your goals and values

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